The Haney Law Firm is an award-winning* probate and estate planning firm in Austin, Texas. Our staff includes attorney Caitlin Haney Johnston, her sister and paralegal Amber Haney, and paralegal Celeste Rodriguez.

How We Started

All of Susan’s children, including Caitlin, Amber, and their brother Ben, and her grandchildren at her Celebration of Life in October 2021

This multi-generational firm was originally founded in 2001 by Susan Haney, Caitlin and Amber’s mother. In 1987, Susan became a proud, cum laude graduate of the University of Texas School of Law in Austin – while raising three small children. For the next 23 years, Susan honed her skills in many types of litigation, including commercial, business, and fiduciary-related litigation, on both sides of the docket.

2000 brought the start of something big when Susan officially opened the Law Offices of Susan J. Haney and began the legacy we continue to carry onward. The law offices became a family firm with the addition of daughter Amber in 2002 followed by her sister Caitlin in 2013. In 2020, Susan was diagnosed with brain cancer and eventually succumbed to the disease.

The Haney Law Firm Today

Stepping into a dual caretaker role has shown us first-hand that wills and advance directives are more than legal documents. They’re a small peace of mind in the great unknown and a source of dignity for those approaching the end of their lives.

We understand what it’s like when a diagnosis sets you on your heels – to have to act on a loved one’s behalf when they can no longer communicate. We have felt the urgency to engage in future-planning for a new family – to ensure our children will have care should the unexpected occur. We believe everyone deserves humanity in their dying – to pass knowing their wishes will be honored.

It’s why we continue our mother’s legacy of respect for all phases of life. We’re here when change happens. We break down complex legal concepts in ways you can understand and create comprehensive estate plans without overwhelming you. We’ll give you the information you need, in a form you can digest, so you feel confident about your options.

The Haney Law Firm is also experienced in providing estate planning for same-sex couples and their families. Whether you have chosen to expand your family via surrogacy, need a power of attorney so your partner can make medical decisions on your behalf, or want to specify a beneficiary by their chosen name instead of their dead name, we’re here.

Looking Ahead

The Haney Law Firm will continue on the path Susan initially blazed, using our earned and learned experience to provide easy-to-grasp answers and practical solutions when life stops making sense.

With a knack for making involved legal situations manageable, we know how to help you navigate the complex – without making it overly complicated. Because we get just how taxing legal language can be, especially when your attention is divided, we’ll guide you without the information overload.

In addition to our clients, we will remain a pillar of this community. Whether helping patients at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House, providing comprehensive pro bono estate planning services at the Cancer Law Clinic (CANLAW), or serving on cancer-based advisory boards, our personal passion for helping will remain part of all that we do.

*Owner and attorney Caitlin Haney Johnson is a three-time winner of Austin Monthly Magazine’s top attorneys for wills and estate planning in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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