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The Haney Law Firm is comprised of attorney Caitlin Haney Johnston and her sister and paralegal Amber Haney. Susan Haney, Caitlin and Amber’s mother, founded the firm in 2001 and was joined by Amber in 2002 and Caitlin in 2013. Susan, Caitlin, and Amber worked side-by-side as a family and as a professional unit to serve their clients with proven integrity, honor, and compassion. Each member of The Haney Law Firm brings a specific skill set and body of work to the firm that proves invaluable to clients.

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Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning

People often think it’s macabre to plan for one’s death, but the reality is that doing so can greatly help your loved ones. Individuals with comprehensive estate plans can protect their families from the stress of handling affairs after their death.

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Leaving behind a valid will makes sure your assets are distributed how you desire. We help families walk through the process of dealing with a loved one’s assets and debts after their death, whether or not they had a valid will.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is extremely common in business. While there are many actions that can lead to litigation, which can become extremely costly and time consuming, civil litigation doesn’t have to bring your business to a screeching halt.

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Why Choose The Haney Law Firm?

Susan founded the firm in 2001 to provide exceptional legal services to businesses and individuals in the Central Texas area. The entire legal team at The Haney Law Firm brings a unified and tenacious spirit to each client they serve. We know hiring an attorney is a stressful experience, whether you are a business or an individual. At The Haney Law Firm, we work hard to reach a reasonable resolution to every litigation matter that comes to us. We understand that not all cases are destined for a courtroom, but if a trial becomes necessary, we provide the high quality services you deserve to present your case to a judge or jury.

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The Haney Law Firm understands you want your legal issues handled efficiently and thoroughly. We’re not here to sell you legal services you don’t need. We put our clients and their needs first.